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What Gives You Strength?

Poem: 1-6-23 I have traveled a worn and weary path,often faint of heart.
But he had a plan before all time
for me to play a part.
Through dark and pain,through toil and strain,
I walked a lonely road.
I sang a song of mirth and joy, and carried a heavy load.
My longing heart wants to see the fulfillment of my days,and hold his hand and walk with him,
and know his many ways he saved me from the worst that could come,
and preserved my earthly days.
This life is short, our works are sown, but in them all I see
that I have grown to love my God who loved such a one as me.
Affliction has a perfect work
to meet a grace filled God.
In all I’ll say to him one day
I don’t regret the life I’ve trod.
My wife. For a very long time my wife had a great life because I was willing to put in the work to get it. She leaned on me until she found out she was strong and able. She improved her skills and her job, she learned to drive, she found how she could do the things she wanted to, because she had a cheerleader telling her she could do it.

Now - its my turn to lean on her.