What Is On Your Mind Right This Second?

Rani G

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There are two people in the family of my husband that doesn’t like me a lot.. Not sure if I’m projecting or if it is a fact. Even if they have their issues with me, people have their reasons. I still feel for them they have suffered a lot (something I’m learning)


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Right now, at this very moment, I just want to go away from this abusive and traumatic environment where I don't get the love, respect, care, and recognition I ought to have.
I want to go somewhere no one knows me, so that I don't have to feel ashamed that people might figure out that I am a person who is broken, damaged, disgusting, and filthy.
People made me believe that I am filthy and disgusting, but I know I have a beautiful heart because people who respected me said "I have a good heart".
Cheers everyone. Have a great life! 😊


Today's therapy session will be a wash. I haven't felt like processing anything all last week and still don't today. I came down with a cold, so I didn't do my diaphagmatic breathing exercises (homework). And it was Thanksgiving.

It's a wash. Let's try again next week.

That's all folks!