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What is your favorite movie/movie franchise of all time?

I am trying to remember the movies I used to love. So many great movies out there. okay, I love the following:

Real Genius w/ Val Kilmer (So good! The female lead was awesome.)
Legend with Tim Curry (Fantasy at its best for me.)
Star Trek XI. Lady in the Water. Legally Blonde. Shawshank Redemption. Changeling (2008). Palm Springs. Apocalypto. Full Metal Jacket. Kill Bill. Contagion. Titanic. Borat. I could go on but I'll just throw those out there.
Kubrick. Even Barry Lyndon. He could make a good movie and did, over and over.
Other than that, pick a 60’s to 90’s movie with cast members that went on to long careers. The Godfather movies. The Deer Hunter. Sophies Choice. All the Presidents Men. So many but there are some that just feel like they defined the era and the best hollywood had to offer at the time.
Or else you can just throw up your hands and watch a Mel Brookes movie, any or all, the guy made some greats.