What is your med mix?


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Interested to know what everyone is using at the moment. I've just met with my psychiatrist and we are trialling:
  • Mirtazapine (ongoing, to help with insomnia)
  • Prozac (new, to help with anxiety)
  • Ritalin (ongoing, to help with ADHD)
  • Clonidine (new, to help with sleep - apparently good success with ADHD peeps)
  • Birth control pill (ongoing, to help with perimenopause, being a woman in her late 30s is so fun).
It's only been 3 days so too early to say whether it's working or not but I will report back. For what it's worth I am based in Australia, so some meds not available here. My biggest issues are insomnia, anxiety + constant hypervigilance. I've tried most anti-depressants and insomnia meds over the years so we are getting more creative.
It was a choice. I have a chronic illness and if it goes sideways? All kinds of not good, life threatening not good.

Add to that having problems with addiction to opioids several times - really ugly the last time.

So I did use Canabis (still use CDB) for a couple years because it helped with sleep and general anxiety. I have tapered use until its very occasional.

The only other med is benzos for stuff thats really stressful - we are talking over the top stuff like family get togethers and medical stuff, especially the dentist.
Lorazepam. It is both a dependence induced by the careless mental health system, but also something that has helped me survive i.guess

If only i had appropriate treatmznt from the start, like antidepressant + getting me out of my situation + therapy... but no, instead i was diagnosed with my mother's diagnosis, which caused so much pain in my life, and been thrown various neuroleptics, 'mood 'stabilizers', resulting in me being numb, fat, desperate, and oh yeah, it locked me in with my trauma. Pure hell. Think i had between 12 and 15 drugs 'tested' on me in total. The pain is real 😞😞