What would you choose?


New. Hands down.

This is the POLAR Express!!! Hot chocolate! ☕️

Bath in front of a fireplace in the snow, or shower on the beach by the ocean?


This is the POLAR Express!!! Hot chocolate! ☕
Is this an example of an old or new movie? 😂 Because one of the criticisms of this movie was how creepy the people looked due to “primitive” 3D animating techniques (similar to the first Toy Story).

Bath🛀 fire🪵🔥snow⛄️(man)😉

Live in a colony on Mars or a colony on Antarctica?


its funny this year, i am home on a medical leave and can listen to whatever i want, so i am not getting exposed to as much christmas music as i have every other year of my life and i miss it and will be putting some on.
Elevator music is transient, the genre is there in the background when i shop or eat at some restaraunts or on an elevator, but i cant imagine missing it or choosing it.
of the two, christmas music.

an old friend with you at a party of strangers or bringing a new friend along to a party with people you know well?


Uber, then we can both drink!

Have to make all your food from scratch from whole foods (not the store) without the assistance of electric tools for one year or have to wash all your and your family’s clothes and linens and rugs by hand for one year? (And the rest of your life is the same, same job, same amount of free time, etc.)


I really want both but if pressed I choose cranberries.

Ride a motorcycle across all the continents except Antarctica or sail solo around the world (both with adequate training and support)?