What would you do?

I wonder if meeting up with her to do something together will help too?
If we were both normal I'd go for this. But we're both audhders, both find social situations v stressful, both struggle with trust, and I am borderline terrified of one on one socialising. There is another grouo we have been to run by someone else, and in that group they do crafts, which suit us both for reducing the anxiety of social situations.
Get distance from the odd man (what is up with him by the way?)
I'm not sure yet. He does have ADHD too, and his wife and child are autistic, and he has mental health issues though I don't know what they are.

I'm not yet sure what to make of him, but I'll never again give him an opportunity to say I've not paid my bill.
Potential new friend cut short her replies to me to bare minimum for a while and I accepted it. She turned down meeting up in any groups too, I left the ball in her court to message me again, and after a week or 2 she did. We've been messaging again and she suggested meeting up this week. Pleased