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What would you choose?

French Vanilla or Vanilla Bean ice cream
It cracks me up that there are four kinds of vanilla ice cream for Breyers—are vanilla fans that particular? “Oh I *was* going to have vanilla but that’s *French* vanilla so I’ll pass!”

I guess I choose bean because I like the dark flecks. But what even is French Vanilla? Vanilla grows in tropical climates!!

Hot Dog or Bratwurst?
are vanilla fans that particular?
Yes … at least I am 🤣🤣 and they do taste different. Old-Fashioned on Apple Pie is the Bomb, French Vanilla when you need a wonderful bit of sweet creamy vanilla with no toppings (my daughters like to put a spoonful in their coffee). Vanilla bean is amazing with chocolate of any kind but especially brownies or cakes, plain vanilla is the all-round go-to and mixes with other ice creams and sherbet (for a creamsicle effect), and goes really good with golden and regular Oreos. Ok i digress 😜

Bratwurst! Cooked in beer of course

Golden or Regular Double-Stuffed Oreos?