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I love me some brussel sprouts, too, @Survivor3 and @fern . 😁 We didn't have any luck in our attempts to grow them this year. I was talking about sprouting seeds on the countertop in my kitchen in my last post - like broccoli, fenugreek, mung beans, lentils, chickpeas, chia, alfalfa, radishes, kale, etc.

All ya' need is a mason jar, a drainable lid, soak them overnight, rig up a way to prop them up sideways at an angle, rinse a few times a day and drain, and in a few days, you have lil' baby sprouts that grow into a huge nutritional punch for salads, sandwiches, stir-frys, soups, wraps, etc. So tasty! I started some fenugreek seeds tonight. This lady does a good job explaining the process if you aren't already familiar with it:



Saying one for my neighbour, as my (special needs) dog got me up hearing or seeing the ambulance.

Wide awake and introspective. Though I was (ashamedly) pretty indifferent to his diagnosis, now that he has the exact same thing and roles are reversed (minus us causing grief) , I realize especially I would not wish that or what he/ they dished out on my worst enemy. And a bad time here to need to go to a hospital. Sad for him, actually.

Though we had really great paramedics, sweet guy phoned back said will take you if you need a ride? (had a bed), and my mom said, "No, don't want to give the neighbours something to talk about for a month, I'll go on my own 2 feet", and she did/ we took a cab. (She was a lot younger). Then she died.
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Tornadic Thoughts

The speed bag is so therapeutic, @MrMoonlight ! It's fun and rewarding, too, to be able to increase your speed while not accidentally knocking yourself in the chin. lol Did that more times than I could count starting out. Hope you enjoyed your day.

I just finished putting more of our dried goods in tins and such to protect them from any varmits that may decide to find their way into our space over the winter. Also got an over the door shoe organizer to organize some other misfit stuff - and what a great idea that was! I can't organize my thoughts too well most days, but I can organize my surroundings - and by doing so, that automatically helps with the thoughts. Win/win.


Omg @Tornadic Thoughts, we need to hang out one day...you do everything so well. Great taste in music, into eating right, cook, speedbagger, likes learning about mental health, ptsd... Lol you are kinda amazing.

I'm sitting downstairs after finishing a cup of coffee. I have a bandaid soaking in Hawaiian Tropic. I will attach it to the bottom of my speed bag. The bag is like a little fan when hitting it...i hope to infuse that air wind with that scent.

Need to eat.
Sigh. Watching the election returns. And drinking gin and seltzer, which might be helping a little bit.

It's so interesting how every network has entirely different results, and Google is using the Associated Press results which are also completely different. Although they're not actually different; it's just a matter of when each news source calls each state.