Whatcha doooooooin'?


Just laying in bed.. I am processing thoughts about feeling distant from friends that I saw last night and feeling like they arent as invested in my life.
I probably should get up and be productive but it feels more pertinent to feel my feelings under the covers in my cozy bed. I acknowledge my suffering and I'm holding space for it. I had vegan chocolate cake for breakfast (leftover that I made for my gfs birthday yesterday) and came back to bed

Marie E.

I’m sitting on my adjustable bed and relaxing while watching tv. I’m about to go out for a smoke, then off to do my favorite hobby cross stitch while binge watching movies via hdmi to my new 50 inch tv from my laptop. I don’t have at home WiFi yet, so using xfinity hotspot for now and they only let you use the device you pay for the internet on.


Watching game 2 of the Lakers playoffs. I missed it last night because the Seahawks were playing. OMG what a competitive enjoyable game. It was weird initially without the fans in Seattle but was truly an amazing game...down to the last play...literally.