When emdr wasn't cutting it, i began crm (comprehensive resource model). anyone else?

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A way to conceptualize certain traits together. In whatever phrasing rocks your boat.
Exactly. "Mindfulness" probably connects with the same parts of the brain too, it's just that different approaches connect for different people.

Reading the article, I suddenly realized that my childhood was populated with a lot of imaginary animals that went a lot of places with me. It's got me wondering if that might not have had a positive impact at the time. I didn't think of them as "power animals", but it seems like they filled a similar role.


It sounds like it draws from several different modalities rather than being anything new. I know Ts who would use all of the different aspects mentioned in some way who wouldn’t call what they do CMR. I think whatever way you choose to conceptualise your inner self, it can be both a help and a hindrance, is “toning” different to the idea of the primal scream etc etc.

For me the idea that anyone can say exactly what’s going on with my brain is ridiculous we just don’t know enough to be able to say with any certainty. As a therapy modality it’s entirely untested.

I do think it’s fine to question, explore or indeed knock something that claims to cure an illness folk here struggle with daily and where “miracle” cure claims are ten a penny. If there’s anything in it , it’ll stand up a bit of scepticism.


It was a black panther that helped me be able to walk on city streets again. I had tried everything else.

I mean, I have tackled my healing down a different path than most. I have been open to just about anything -- and trained myself to know the difference between what works for me and what doesn't so I don't waste my time. Some things work for me for a period of time and then they don't and then they do again.

The way I logic it out for myself is based on Norman Doidge and his neuroplasticity findings. What I have found is that my brain isn't actually all that smart. That I can trick my brain into believing that I am experiencing something that I am not. I just need to remember to call up my senses while I do it.

Crazy stressed? Call up my swimming pool -- pick a location for it -- feel the water, feel the warmth, smell the chlorine, hear the sound when my ears are submerged, feel my arms slicing through the pool, and my brain believes I am there. So with the power animal -- if I walk along and it has my back (externalized version of power), there will come a time when I can internalize that feeling of safety. Because I trick my brain into believing that the black panther holds the key to my safety -- my brain doesn't have to keep my body on high alert. That's the ticket to getting well. Allow it to stand down. Realize how that feels. Trust in it. That, to me, is mindfulness. I am mindful that my body needs to relax and even if I learn how by measure of nanoseconds, I am training it to calm.

Learning to visualize was honestly the key for me. So much more control when one can let go and not worry about scientific studies and so on. I focus on one thing and one thing only. Is it helping me?


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It was a black panther that helped me be able to walk on city streets again. I had tried everything e...
What you're describing is similar to what happens in CRM. Funny thing is, I was having a block to being open with my therapist last session and we tuned into the part that doesn't want to be exposed. When we asked what it needed, a black panther came up. It ended up helping, though we didn't get as far in this session as some others, and I suspect because one of my biggest traumatic memories was driving the avoidance.
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