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New Here
I just signed up today, because there are no support groups within 100 miles of me. I have a therapist who either is completely clueless or thinks he should just be a bump on a log, when I've asked him to be more active and guiding.
I am afraid to sleep because I keep having nightmares of being arrested again with no clue why. After being arrested TWICE for medical issues, in two different cities, I have minimal trust in the legal system.
I have a PTSD service dog who named himself Rascal by his mischief as a puppy. I love him dearly and he is the only reason I haven't tried to unalive myself. I just can't do this anymore.
I have 3 grandnephews I have never met, because their grandma, my sister-in-law, has decided to destroy any chance of a relationship between me and my nephew or niece. My niece misinterpreted something I said twenty years ago, but she doesn't remember the card of apology I had to send because Dear SIL wouldn't let me talk to her, either in person or on the phone. Brother also chewed my ass out, because he also misinterpreted what I said. Shit, this is two f*cking decades ago and they still won't let it go.
I think this is long enough for one entry. More later.