Women/feminists deny male victimhood

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@Warrior Chicken that made me think of a similar call. I almost made a huge mistake in a homicide call because I assumed the male caller was the bad guy, when in reality it was his very tiny, 6 months pregnant wife who had murdered the victim. So ya. It was a good lesson to me to remember women can be very violent nut jobs who can cause huge harm - regardless of their size or appearance.


I think men often do get overlooked and minimized because of cultural norms and expectations. It is often seen as "cool" when a
female comes onto the male because of the prevailing idea that "men always want sex". I have heard from a couple males that they have had females sexually force themselves while they sleeping and such.

I don't think most people think this way, but many do. And I believe people of MyPTSD will be biased towards empathy of others' struggles. So there's probably truth in the middle ground.
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