Affirmations!! say something nice about yourself!


I like your outlook and I do believe that liking yourself is important. For myself I neither like myself or dislike but rather due to life long issues I have dealt with as an adult survivor I no longer trust any opinion about myself. All I can say is I have a very high self survival and protection train of thought. I believe I am a good person I try to do the right thing and help others when I can but the fact that at 61 I have no friends and never have, I am guessing there is something deeply wrong with me.

Lots of older people don’t have friends. You’d be shocked. You can work on that later, when you’re ready, but you’re not alone in that.

And that’s a great start regardless! People who struggle to come up with nice things sometimes need to start small. You’ll hear lots of people tell you to repeat a positive thing over and over until you believe it. But it helps to start tiny and work up, the same way you would if you were trying to build a muscle.

“I believe I am a good person” is a fabulous starting point :)