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Ask a foreigner

Making American-Style fluffy pancakes with Bisquick is also definitely worth it. 🥰

Tricks w/ USA-Pancakes
- Don't overmix. The batter should be just a little bit lumpy.
- Leave the batter to sit on the counter getting bubbly whilst you prep things is good (many from scratch buttermilk pancake recipes call for leaving the batter out -or in the fridge- overnight. Not necessary wih bisquick -the QUICK!- part for both biscuits & pancakes, but sat out for awhile whilst you organize is no worries.)
- Don’t flip until pancake is 3/4s done; fully cooked base & dry edges
- Done when there’s a little puff of steam that puffs out the top/Center. (Or when common sense dictates if you think you may have missed the steam puff, which only happens once or twice)
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Sorry... 🙄

3/4 Cup milk.

Brush with melted butter/garlic salt/parsley AFTER baking.

There's usually recipes on the box for different ideas and if you look online you'll find more.

Skywatcher, I could eat about 4 of the them right now. Glad there's none around. 😂 I make them in the winter, they go great with soups, stews and chilis. It's the "Red Lobster" recipe.
Operator error. 😊
How they are cut and cured is different. Jerky is usually cut thinner. In curing, traditional jerky is salt cured only. Biltong uses vinegar salt and spices in curing as it takes longer to cure the thicker pieces.
The first one that came to mind was when I went from Beaumont, Tx to Williams Arizona! I moved to Ariz. We drove. We stopped every time we saw something interesting. I got to see the Petrified Forest in Arizona. I fell in love with New Mexico.

I have never got to have an adventrue out of the States. I would love to go to Switzerland if I ever got the chance. But the States has so much to see and do. If wishes were horses!!!
Gonna find the Petrified Forest on youtube, have a look :)

I've never left Europe, would like to visit US, Japan, various parts of Eastern Europe and a tiny island in the artic circle.

I've not had many holidays as an adult. Had some good ones as a kid, Cornwall, lots of em were in. Beautiful place.

Woukd like to visit the Lake district, Scotland & Wales. Actually lots of places. Should go explore more.
When I lived in Williams Az, it was only about 50 miles from the Grand Canyon. I spent a lot of time there. The altitude coming from the coast of Texas to the Grand Canyon took some getting used to.

@Teasel, I would love to go to Scotland too. If you can travel, you really should!!! Chance of a lifetime.
Dream holiday vs a holiday you enjoyed in your own country?
Great question! I’ve been blessed to have been able to travel quite a lot…Hawaii due to my younger brother being stationed there in the Navy. Lol…SO beautiful!

Alaska, because my parents moved there after retirement to pastor a church for 5+ years. It is STUNNING and I walked quite a few miles in different directions. Well…it was right or left…due to being an island😁🤣

He would have stayed if he and mom wouldn’t have started having health problems. He was 70 and still wanted to show people unconditinal love and acceptance. He loved Native Americans the most…That’s a whole story in itself which is too long for a story that is already too long…

Alaska was my dream vacation in the States, and THEN, my son and his family flew me to Greece in 2018 to be there for the youngest grandson‘s authentic Greek baptism. It WAS the trip of a lifetime!🇬🇷

(One of the “best things” was that his father found out I was coming and had no choice but to be nice🤣🤣🤣) If he had become a better man in all these years, I would at least be able to respect him.

I apologize for the length of my response…not quite a book I hope. 😬🤪