Ask a foreigner


@Teasel, it gets more humid the closer you get to the Coast. Lower Texas and Louisiana are humid. Sometimes the humidity is higher than the temperature. So glad I don't live down there anymore!!

Yes @StillPen, you are more to the west of us so I don't know. But it gets hotter there than here. So far this summer the highest has been 103F. And it's only June. Always hotter in August.

Yes @MrMoonlight it is HOT where you live. I lived in the mountains when I lived in your state. It wasn't too bad, but where you live NOPE. It's too hot.

I keep my thermostat set at 71 degrees, It's a huge outside unit and new. So my bill hasn't been too high, YET.


Ya, AC is common in newer houses in the PNW but not in any of the older ones (older being like before the 90s)

Last year when we had the freak heat wave it was really ugly - lots of deaths from not being able to get cool.