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We do it everywhere. I dunno, it's probably a cultural thing. We are sort of a "we" country, most people gladly pay our enormous taxes.
It's the same here in Sweden.

But we are currently replacing our recycling system. The new system is only used for one-family-houses now (we have both the old and the new system right now) but I'm pretty sure apartment complexes will have it within a couple of years from now. So every household has two big garbage cans (1x2 meters) and they are then split into four smaller sections; one for metal, plastic, colored glass, clear glass etc. This means everyone pretty much has their own recycling station at home, and it's all being picked up by the municipality* every second week. Recycling has never been easier ♻️

*some municipalities buy the service from private companies. But the municipality is still responsible and has to make sure garbage pick-up works.
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Ok, I’ll answer from American perspective

Pros: Freedom to get rich if you know how to
Big country= many places to hide
Lots of cultures—> restaurants with tasty foods
Can choose from hundreds of different kinds of chips at the store.

Cons: Afraid to get sick or injured—>lose money
Fear of being shot
Venture capitalists allowed to buy and bankrupt healthcare, education, prisons, real estate, food supply, anything they want. (Can be a pro for rich)
Kinder eggs illegal
@ziter @Charbella
Outside of America the product is Kinder Surprise egg. In America it is called Kinder Joy egg. There is a law in America that non-edible items can not be embedded in food items. (There was a chocolate company back in the old old days that embedded little metal trinkets in chocolate bar.). So the kinder joy is egg-shaped but one half is the prize and the other half is the treat. In kinder surprise the chocolate surrounds the plastic egg with the prize.
Might be a good idea to be mindful that one does not answer for or represent the totality of Americans. We are a diverse country of billions/trillions of human beings - natural born, immigrants - illegal or legal, or anyone in between.
I take it that Crunchy Frog would be immediately banned in the US then? (well, a frog is somewhat edible, but).
Sorry, I'm in a silly mood, quoting Monty Python lol.