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Sufferer C-PTSD, in Australia, neurospicy

Welcome @bizness !!

Not much to be scared of really. It is difficult dealing with PTSD stuff but it doesn't go away if you ignore it either. If there was one single thing I needed (besides this place and communicating with others who just get PTSD) it would be the articles section of the forum.

In specific the PTSD cup article was a humongous help. Being better prepared when we found trauma wwould have been really nice.......
Thanks so much for sharing the cups article. I read through it last night and it really resonated.

Spoon theory is something I also use to talk about my internal resources (it’s a theory used to describe living with chronic illness/neurodivergence) but I always felt it didn’t quite describe how stress has such a big impact on me/us. Cups is great.
It’s hard when you realise that core things you think you know to be true are basically trauma related coping mechanisms.
amen to that. by nature, flight comes far more naturally than fawning. the folks who know me and many who don't know me watch their backs when i start fawning. i'm as sincere as a beaten crazy bitch wolf and am just looking for the quickest route to a clean get-away, but the principle remains. the core beliefs behind the psychotick are basically trauma related coping mechanisms.

Not house-broken sounds like breaking the shackles of “nice” which is absolutely one of my goals.
there was no shackle breaking in my own void of social skills. i was a throw-away kid who wasn't well schooled in "nice." a few of my shrinks have even gone so far as to call me, "a feral child." whatever makes **my** life work in **your** head, doc.