Caffeine is a stimulant so it's the same as pork for Muslims.
The Prophet (Mohammed, not John Smith), may peace be upon him, never condemned coffee. IE it’s not in the Q’ran/Koran. Even alcohol took awhile be made haram.

Certain sects of Islam may prescribe coffee, or caffeine. Most don’t. It’s drunk freely -even prized- throughout the Arab world, as well as Malaysia, Africa, Eastern Europe, and other Islamic domains. Ditto teas (OMFG, Arab BBQ tea is a delight unparalleled anywhere IMHO), and in many places even hashish is allowed. Shisha, of course, is far more prevalent. (Double apple is the best 😉) To the best of my knowledge allowed everywhere except the most radical of sects.

In the LDS church, meanwhile, a bargain was struck. The women wanted the men to stop smoking/dipping & drinking. JS prayed on it, and found God to be amendable IF AND ONLY IF the women were equally willing to give up their tea. IE don’t ask a sacrifice of one, if unwilling to make a sacrifice yourself. So the men gave up their scotch & cigars upstairs, and the women gave up their teas downstairs. Sacrifices made. Balance achieved. Which -many, even most- Mormons follow to this day.

But, for whatever reason, many people mix up Mormon & Muslim (&/or Jewish) dietary restrictions. Halal & Kosher are at least CLOSE, but the Word of Wisdom is an entirely separate thing
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Wow. Drinking Colombian decaf, it's just so delicious. 💕

Says something about tropical fruits flavour and the coffe guy on YouTube said that usually means it's slightly fermented and you either love it or you don't. I love it. 🥳


I made some coffee at home I use a grinder and whole beans from BJs where they have a big selection. I use a Chemex.
I brought home a cup from the local dunkin doughnuts and compared and I have to say mine was actually better so. I’ll go back to making it . It takes about 20 minutes to make a full pot and I wasn’t ever able to make less because it just isn’t the same. I probably stopped doing more out of being lazy because it is a real chore, especially at 5am. It’s good coffee though.


It takes about 20 minutes to make a full pot and I wasn’t ever able to make less because it just isn’t the same.
When the weather starts warming up, you can freeze the leftover coffee in ice cube trays, and either hit them with a blender for a granita/Frappuccino (if you add cream/sugar), stir into ice cream for a jamocha shake, or just plunk the cubes in new coffee for iced coffee.