Crafting Thread!


How did you learn to do it left-handed? I taught someone once with her sitting in front of me. It worked because it was the mirror image. There are so many left-handed tutes now!! You do beautiful work!!

My grandma taught me when I was 10. :) She tried to teach me to do it right handed and I was so left-hand dominant I struggled. Luckily, she was ambidextrous!

Tornadic Thoughts

That's so pretty, @Chitoshi !

Once the weather gets cooler and the garden is put to rest for the season, I just might invest in the tools it'll take to get started, @ladee . The library used to have a group that met once a month, but then covid came along. You Tube University can help me out for sure. Thanks for planting the seed. :)

I tried a few more bleach-dye thingies with a new spray bottle that doesn't leak and drip. lol

The doilies are too intricate to show up in great detail using the spray technique, but I'm thinking if I soak them in bleach and apply them carefully, then place an evenly distributed weight on top to allow the design to sink into the fabric, it may be more of what I had in mind. Next time the notion hits, we'll see.





The wood and metal sunshine, flower pot, and watering can turned out okay enough. I think I liked the dyes better on the last old shirt that was blue, rather than this black one. The sun and watering can give me ideas to incorporate with the botanical bleaching using the fern leaves, especially. The watering can potentially offers great opportunities for the spray bottle that leaks, too. ? Some fabric paints and/or a bleach pen would also offer some more creative options.




Crocheting is one of my winter crafts. So many beautiful things can be made.
I used to do finger-crochet. Learned at a sleepover as a kid how to do the embroidery thread ones that go on a lock of hair, switched to hemp&beads road-tripping (because those SELL, $100 in materials to $1,000 or $1500 in sales). Just safety pin to your jeans on the go, and voila! Or use your whole leg -or nearby chair- for heavyweight hemp for belts & such.

I’d completely forgotten about that. Thanks for the happy memory :happy:


Excuse the slight color change, I bought too little yarn and the yarn color dye lot changed and I was way too lazy to find the proper color in the middle of the pandemic (there isn't supposed to be a dye lot with the yarn I bought but hey). Progress picture for my "summer shawl". It's taken me 6 months so far. I am slow at creating but I love it anyways. Knit shawl.


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I know it's not technically a craft persay but I felt pretty crafty doing it. Lol. I found everything I needed either laying around the house or for free from people I know.


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