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ED Disordered eating

A lot of shaming going on. However, there is also counter-talk to that and "thoughtful" investigation as to the whys and genesis of this dysregulation around food and body image.

I'm trying to stay present and not let my mind wander where it doesn't belong. I'm also trying to be intentional when I can about self-care. I can't even believe this is still an issue. It's like I have gremlins in my mind that just take over and lay me flat on the ground. So, on the days when I can get up and about, I try to take advantage and do what I CAN do that day. Still stressing a lot about what's not happening and what's not being tended to. Don't want to go down that hand-wringing road today though. I have things to do.

Concentrating on eating 2 healthy meals/day and taking supplements. Need to start walking when I can, but am stretching in the meantime and will add little weights. I'm very weak, overall, and I'm still pretty unsteady. Onward! 🏂
Seems I have a lot of rules around the lot of my life. Still working on this. Contemplating birthday comped meals/treats sitting in my email box. I should be excited about these opportunities, so why am I anxious and wanting to just stay here in these four walls and close my eyes and mind? Trying to use mindfulness, reframing, journaling, and breathing to get somewhere else on this. Sure, not sure....
Lots of healthy fixings in the fridge/freezer. Working on mitigation..... Working on strengthening my spirit and my body. I'd really like some Xanax to calm my entire being, but looking for workarounds. A typical day, I guess. Hugs to those on the path. I get the struggle.
@ms spock I just learned something...Pandemics give me the munchies. I've been staying sane trying all my favorite recipes. I even proudly post them on facebook.....to be able to say I did something worthwhile! Coke....I had kicked the habit.....and had travel plans...lots of them....I'm best in the game of life traveling every other month..it shows I have a life outside of trauma and its effect......builds character or something or other....so now...I got food, writing, and tv. I was at the pool 4 days a week. Former gastric bypass having excessive food issues and getting to bed later...and getting up later....what to do??? Three months of this isolation could be bad for my health. But on the up side....Thursdays are Picard night on TV!
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