Do you like to be sexually teased by your partner?


Spike Dominic

I am curious if you like to be sexually teased by your partner even when it doesn’t lead to sex. Or is it frustrating for your partner to tease you and then not have sex with you? I am learning about intimacy.

I was thinking that maybe even if you don’t have sex if it is an intímate partner then sexual teasing could just make life more fun because you know that you will always be having more sex eventually. But my ex felt like I was frustrating him when I didn’t follow through and go all the way. I know it depends on the person and the dynamics but I’m trying to understand if there is such a thing as stable healthy intimacy in general or if there are so many variables that it’s hard to generalize.

I absolutely LOVE being teased by my wife. I love when she edges me, over and over... I especially love being in chastity and serving her every sexual desire and oral pleasuring her, and absolutely fantasize about being denied by her and possibly cucked by her if she ever decides to...