does anyone else feel angry at God sometimes?


I think God's character is very misrepresented. Although I don't think I know or understand much, it's like hearing a good friend or someone you know bad mouthed, or yourself when your intentions are great, or someone try to wreak someone's marriage with whisperings, or incomplete info (and that could come from within or without 'religion', or from people with or without beliefs). Add in free-will, evil or sin, and the interconnectedness of people (& the environment), and there's lots of potential of harm (or good). But you go, woah, that person has no idea. And feel badly, simply because it's the opposite.

But one has to go by their experiences, perhaps looking farther reaching than just the aftermath. Not sure if God-or-no God anyone can escape suffering, but I have found some things to be too coincidental for coincidence. No matter what, we become who we are. In my case, I try to choose the God I know must be, based on what good I have received, often that I can't explain.

My sister says free will is the problem, why give people free will, when they choose such terrible things? But there can be no love without freedom to choose it. And the freedom to not choose it, to say I don't believe in God, or I believe in something else, or I believe in it or something, but I don't want it. I think even people don't want 'forced' love- or it's not love at all. I think anyone with or without a belief can twist things to what they believe, but it doesn't change whatever is true. Personally, I see God as love. If God loves absolutely everyone absolutely. and yet knows what they're doing with their free will,, including if they're abusive, it must be very heartbreaking to know what they do to each other with that free will. How many felt moved to stop abuse and didn't, or what have you? None of us know. But I don't believe God is indifferent. If he was human, a better term might be exhausted. :( I do think God would rather have very big solutions, not band-aids. If you love someone that's what you want too. Stop all abuse, yes, but heal everyone involved. But I don't think God is against anger towards Him, as I don't see him as egotistical, demeaning, or harsh (that is not love). It's just honest, which I'd like to think He prefers, in the name of vulnerability and intimacy. I don't see God as a God of harm(ing), which means He'd have to find a way to help those who are harmful, too. I suppose volunteering to be entirely demeaned and abused and eventually murdered, He has shown (if you believe He exists) that that's how far His love will go. And to me, to hang in there, as He 'gets' it. Easter will follow Good Friday. But hopefully we can help each other, versus harm, or be indifferent, or exclude. Love a lot.

Just my 2 cents though. (I remember pennies, we don't have them anymore. :laugh: )

ETA, won't say more, but one more thing occurred to me: I recall hearing a saying many many years ago, ~''many diabolical nets are thrown to wrench the faith from hearts'. It didn't say, wrench their faith in God, or their pocketbooks away, or anything else, it said faith. And that could come to the question, 'Who do you say I am?' Not who does your neighbour say, or whatever. And more specifically, who or what do you put your faith in? And I don't think there's a wrong answer to that. There's only a personal answer.

I think it's safe to say, we've all seen or been subjected to diabolical things by their gruesomeness or nature, and have heard of many more, if we were lucky enough to have not witnessed or endured them ourselves. But what anyone believes, including believing God doesn't exist, has to be personal. And I think is good. Because I think (personally) every good quality that comes from that- fighting for justice, accountability, stopping abuse, etc- is also one of God's characteristics. So maybe one person for eg typifies gentleness, but another courage, another strength. And doing good, no matter what beliefs, is the end game, and I think God's goal too. (That's what I meant and missed the edit. ? ).

Like Oskar Schindler ('Schindler's List'); he didn't believe in God, though he came to, or at least wasn't following as such (womanizing, drinking, gambling, indifferent, etc etc), but those qualities, choices, and (non) beliefs perfectly situated him and made him capable of saving many lives, and which would have never been possible without it. So not-believing, fully qualified him to do something most wonderful, that many others never have could have.
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I am trying to work with anger towards God by using cognitive therapy. I first need to understand that my PTSD issues are the result of me moving too close to family of origin, in Oregon, which has reignited problems in dealing with older sister from childhood (even though it had been 30 + years), so it's very natural for past feelings to reemerge. Bad feelings, stress, anxiety, fear, guilt, suicidal ideation at times. I have to work on those daily. I understand now though that I made the move, God didn't suggest I move. I get some relief knowing I will be able to leave this summer and move back to the Southwest. Point here is that "God helps those who help themselves." I have to take action first, I have to find the things and/ or pray to find my places of escape. Whatever keeps me above water, whatever keeps me from drowning emotionally, get a start to where God can help me with the rest.


Your faith is tested as was Paul's when he denied knowing Jesus because he was afraid of the consequences. People with horrendous illnesses are quite understandably tested in their faith which is understandable. As a child i was told by a nurse in front of my father that my mother was not coming home and was going to die . I ran up stairs and prayed and a non vocal voice told me she was coming home and my fear lifted and mam did survive and did come home. The power of prayer works but science cannot explain it . In the west God is no longer fashionable and science has replaced our connection with mother earth as a consequence mother earth as the Bible predicted is dying .As an adult it is much harder to sustain a faith given our awareness of so many bad things
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Paul didn't deny him, that was Peter. : )


I'm not angry at God. How can you be angry at love?

People have free will because without free will we could never choose love and God is Love and God is a Spirit.

I'm pretty angry at some people who hurt me, very much, though. I detest liars. I don't trust most people very much, at all.

I don't want to give them a chance to hurt me again or more, I've had, just about, enough.

God, however, gives me the most beautiful feeling inside. A presence. A beautiful, majestic presence of benevolence and gentle power and wisdom.

Mystery. Courage. Humility. Faith. Endurance. Steadfastness. Joy. And no fear of death.

I look forward to the next leg of this infinite journey, knowing God is Good.

I'm not ready to die, but I trust the perfection of God's plan for my life.

So I'm deeply grateful to God, for all the good in my life and the chances to develop my character, faith, resilience and wisdom through challenging experiences.

Sorry if I sound supercilious or smug or something, maybe, I'm not very good at expressing myself, but, my faith is what makes my life bearable and it makes me a more loving, kind and courageous person, so I just wanted to share that.

I'm still growing and have a long way to go. I'm not that capable in many ways, but I know God loves me and knows me intimately and knows what I need in each and every moment, if only I listen to the silence, the deep, the gracious voice in my heart, it never sends me astray.

It is in my breath. It is in the security of the cycles of day following night following day. It is in the solid support of the earth beneath me and the miracle of life itself.
It is in the birth of every new life, and the provisions for each soul, life after life, as we grow in understanding and compassion and grace.

It is said, in the the good book "He with ears to hear and eyes to see." That is the inner senses that recognises what is good and true.

"The truth shall set you free".

So there is truth and we can become free.

If you are angry at God, maybe that is good, in a way? It means you are in relationship with God, and you have enough energy to say "No! That's NOT good enough!" This anger can be a source of energy for necessary change. For asserting yourself and your needs.

I am angry at people loads and sometimes myself, but it only hurts me unless I can use that energy to address something that can be done, by me, to improve things. Even if that means accepting something that I can't change and seeing what it is that I can change. Maybe just something in myself.

I certainly don't like a lot of things about myself but patience with myself helps. So maybe that would help you with your anger with God? To learn more patience? God's plan is very long term, so we don't always see justice happening, but, I truly believe that it always does happen.

I don't know if any of this will help, but I hope so.


I am honestly amazed in belief in god. And frankly somewhat envious at the ability to hand over some what- responsibility? To some thing else. I think it must be an incredibly wonderful release and a coping tool I simply do not have capacity for.

I am not angry with the religious for their beliefs of any creed. Rather ithink them beautiful, useful, incredibly beneficial at their best. I AM however angry and frustrated when those beliefs are used as excuses for inaction, intolerance, or imposition on others who feel differently and as damaging and dangerous as they are beautiful at their worst.


Clearly isn't concerned with individual outcomes", is a hard one to reconcile with "every sparrow that falleth", and "the hairs on our head are numbered."
Not really :)
Omniscience & Omnipotence aren’t the same as Intercession.

I can read a book, and not rewrite it. So I can understand reading a story to be a different thing than an active and engaged participant in the story. Even though I have the power to rewrite absolutely anything I might wish to, at any time.


I can't give any advice on what would work for you. I can only say that I understand your hurt.... I have a letter that I found that I wrote to God when I was very it I asked him to "make it stop". I also asked him why he lets this happen. "I thought Jesus loves kids".

When I found this letter that I had wrote, it brought back some horrible feelings. But, as an adult, I realized that the decision to believe is all mine. I will always respect that everyone has to make their own choice on what they believe.

I have grown to understand that it's ok for me to be angry at him. I can also feel any bad feelings or say what I need to. I have always believed that... "He can take it." He also has the patience for me and knows that I will be back to him someday. (I have not been to church for quite a while) Reminding myself of this helps me to go on and not dwell on the pain of his lack of help - especially when I specifically told him what was happening to me, and by who.
When I am at my worst, the following is me:

God and I have a connection. He knows my thoughts. He knows I know he knows my thoughts, and so on and so forth. He isn't an "outside entity"; he is not me, yet he is inside me. He torments me and gives me no peace. With every somewhat happy thought I have, he is there to remind me that I don't deserve happiness, and to remind me that I know I don't deserve it. I assume he will torment me much worse once my life is through. I will have inescapable misery for eternity.