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Doing basic financial skills training...

Today I found out that most of the world’s money circulates as credit/debt. So it’s not just America that runs on credit. Banks count debts owed to them as assets.

And they sell the debt, which is weird. They chop it up into like a thousand different portions and then combine those portions into huge packages and sell that.

Which made me realize that in the beginning of Duck Tales, when Uncle Scrooge jumps into the coin vault, in today’s reality he would jump into nothing because all his money would be in credit.
I really like this YNAB article about finances and shame/ shaming:

I also wanted to share the YNAB "Loose Change" Newsletter text I got emailed yesterday, but I can't find an online version of it... It's about regretting our past financial mistakes/ mishaps/ disasters/ sins... and letting go of that burden... telling ourselves that we did the best we knew how at the time and starting fresh with a clean slate and deciding to do better from here on in...
Here are my notes from tonight. It was about investing. I still don’t know how much I’m supposed to keep in my savings account and whether that’s different from an emergency fund?

Tonight I learned that commercial real estate is a poor investment because we don’t need as many work spaces because AI is replacing workers. 🫥
@Ecdysis agree it is. The silver linings for me are that it’s getting my brain oriented toward and *thinking* about budgeting and organizing my finances. I have some SERIOUS resistance to it! I need like a slowed down financial therapist to deal with it, but I’m not ready to pay someone as I’m in such a resistant place I think I’ll just waste it.

What’s interesting about this is that since it’s a community-run class through the food bank, the moderator and participants are pretty enthusiastic, and for me to just be around people who are thinking about focusing on organizing their money it is helping my brain to line up and sort out where I might need to focus.

For two weeks now I’ve had a goal of *focus on the budget* and I haven’t gotten there yet! I really prefer cleaning, cooking, and reading plus being present with daughter for activities and conversations.

Today I still have that goal but I know I need to do grocery shopping and apply for some financial aid for my daughter’s schooling. I’m still holding that goal of budgeting though!

Also I have downloaded *five* money management apps but haven’t checked them out yet. 🙄

Side note, and I don’t know how related this is but in my mind it is so here’s some rambling… Last year I had a goal of learning how to clean my house effectively (or using some system). I used an app called Tody and used it religiously last summer. It did help me get the house very clean and I was proud of it but over the course of the school year I couldn’t keep up with it.

But because I used the app so much I was able to develop a kind of map of my home in terms of cleaning and timelines. And now this summer I’m not using the app but I have that map in my head to refer to.

And I’m hoping that with the budgeting and financial organization I can develop something similar. Find an app that works well for me—work it hard and then hopefully assimilate the habits.

So I can see the process… but haven’t started it yet.

Organizing my life is such a huge process and I am so slow at weaving it all together, but I have a direction. Getting sober and dismantling the eating disorder (only possible after five years of therapy for the csa and relationship crap) was critical to then be able to organize my house and finances. I often feel like I’ve just barely become proficient at something when the Goddess gives me my next mountain to climb (but there had been hints it was coming for a long time).