I don't like when someone shouts at me.

Rani G2

wonder how long it will take me to be okay and not feel like this every time.
Jazmine, still have those days of collapsing but manageable. When parts are arising, there is the child in fear and shivering and the part/parts that are raging. Unfortunately, if I’m massively triggered I have a part that really wants to fight, scream and attack.. I have only had three incidents where this happend, I take on a man like behavior (That part is a man ) and then I’d spit or become a pitbull.. then I fall into a Child Mode, crying and in massive fear, shame. This creates so much despair that I end up crying for Days. After years of therapy that part hasn’t been activated and I’m stable! But I still need to work on this..


When someone starts yelling at me, soon I cant hear a thing they are saying. I dont know that it scares me, but it upsets me so much that I have trouble coming back to resolve the problem. My husband yelled last night and I went to bed in a panic attack state. I swear I thought I was having a heart attack. I had chest pain and couldn't breathe. I took an extra .5 mg xanax and eventually fell asleep. I slept all night and most of the day. I still feel sick tonight from it. It often lasts days to a week for me to feel normal again, to be able to function and laugh. It seems like such an unreasonable response. I dont know how to change this