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Is the internet trigger-happy?

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Is that really who you wanna throw in with?
How is opposing trigger warnings (futuristic thinking - thinking on behalf of others - negative thinking styles) relate to throwing in with people who do bad shit?

You are relating, thinking on behalf of another, to being the same thing as agreeing with bad peoples ideals?

They aren't even in the same realm, yet you have linked them nonetheless.


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You are relating, thinking on behalf of another, to being the same thing as agreeing with bad peoples ideals?
I'm not sure what you think you're getting at here, babes. Interesting how that's the thing you zeroed in on here, out of everything else I just said, though.

No one's saying you need to read peoples' minds and know every little obscure trigger. But more people seem upset with the fact that trigger warnings even exist - even for the common triggers, which I stated. These are the people saying that anybody with any kind of trigger are just being "coddled" and should just "suck it up", and that extends far beyond the internet. All I'm saying is, arguing against any and all triggers for absolutely every reason is...literally the same argument they're using.

Even the word "trigger" is a joke these days. For every person who takes them seriously, there are five people scoffing and rolling their eyes. So you don't have to worry about us Bad Sufferers with triggers ruining the fun for everybody - very few people actually give a shit.
There is using arguments in a flawed way, and the arguments themselves being flawed, two different things.

In a lair of words, anybody can say whatever they want about trigger warnings.
What promoting personal responsibility, and not switching the blame for triggering onto others, does in the actual lives, is a different thing though.

These articles are not about words usage, merely.
They are not about the use in specific communities and courtesy and bullying mentality, either.
They are about responsibility, and how to heal, more effectively. About the mindset, beyond the words.


Why does it have to be all or nothing? It may be there are times/ways where trigger warnings make sense. I briefly tried another forum that was over the top with trigger warnings (in my opinion) and rules and found it restrictive. I got too tangled up in trying to post correctly, to really be able to post at all.

I also spent time on a site about ED. And there, trigger warnings were used well. Of course, trigger might have had a slightly different meaning than on a site like here. But overall, there, I'd say triggers were of benefit to others. For example, if you have an eating disorder you can get a little crazy about numbers (heh), like weight, minutes exercised, length of time without eating, etc. I certainly went through a period, where I avoided any posts labeled with the word "numbers". For something like that, stopping reading when your read that someone was 99lbs or whatever was already too late, if numbers were a trigger. And it didn't keep people from ever being able to deal with numbers, that's the only group, besides this one where I saw really good, honest challenging posts given. People made progress. The numbers wasn't the only trigger warning requirement just the one that stuck in my head. And having those clear rules around triggers, made it easier to read posts because you knew what to expect. So, even you were having a day where you were already obsessing over numbers, you could still read knowing you could avoid those posts until a different day.

I am also perfectly fine with their being no trigger warnings here. Of course, this group is also well organized and so you do have some idea what you are going to encounter when you click on a thread. Hmm... so, perhaps I'm seeing the benefit of labeling posts, in some way. If that takes the shape of trigger warnings sometimes that's ok. At the same time,if you are going to be completely bound in by a lot rules of what sort of labels you have to use, it can be restrictive.

Heh, I think I just rambled a bunch without really saying anything useful.


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It seems to center around the word "trigger" quite a bit, though. No one raises an eyebrow at content warnings for things like graphic sex and violence, but once it's called a "trigger warning" suddenly it's coddling, over-sensitive, and unnecessary.

I'm just trying to understand where all the hostility is coming from.

I'm with @Muttly on this one, just because labeling ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING gets more messy than helpful, that doesn't mean that all trigger warnings are inherently bad or stupid. There's a time and place for everything.
I don't mind being warned. I like to say warning graphic content or trigger warning when I'm going to talk about sex openly. It does seem silly when you think about what people get exposed to every day now. I do it less and less as the charge wears off the things I lived through. I'd really rather you warn me? At least then I'm ready to turn the channel. Yes, please do, I so appreciate it! : ) I'll look at it as a politeness in an impolite world.
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I will take this option, thanks.
But those who oppose trigger warnings often oppose even warnings for common triggers - namely sexual violence, pedophilia, and rape. Is that really who you wanna throw in with?
You eluded. Did you mean something different than "do you want to be associated with these evil, bad, people?"


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I was asking if you shared their views. I never made any judgment on their character. Don't put words in my mouth.

If you think that trigger warnings for rape, pedophilia, and sexual assault are unnecessary, then that's your business.
Personally, I don't see the value of trigger warnings.
If when I'm browsing the internet and come across *trigger warning* my immediate thought is; "Hmm... Something in the content past the warning is possibly triggering... Could it apply to me?... What triggers me?... Oh right, that... Swell. Now I'm thinking about it again..."

Maybe we need warnings for possible trigger warnings? Something that will keep me from triggering myself, trying to figure out if the trigger warning is relevant to my triggers.
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Don't put words in my mouth.
I'm not, I'm asking. You said one thing, now you say "I was asking if you shared their views?"

The first quote above did not ask this question, your words are clear, regardless of what you thought, which nobody knows. You made a statement that eluded, association with rapists, pedophillia and sexual violence offenders.

These are differing questions / statements being made. I am just quoting what you wrote, and asking questions. You are responsible for what you write and say.

So which is it? What you wrote eludes correctly to my interpretation, being association with such people. Or was I meant to mind read your intention, now that you wrote, "I was asking if you shared their views?"

What am I supposed to be responding to here? Back to the point? Mind reading? Mind reading is directly associated with using a trigger warning. You are guessing what will, or will not, trigger another person. I can't mind read what you mean, I can only read what you write, then interpret that.

One statement you write, has no possible logic to what you just asked, being shared views.

How is shared views of these people related to trigger warnings? If you use a trigger warning, it has to do with you, not anyone else. Your thinking. Not what another does or think.
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