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Is this Avoidance?

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Thank you @Ronin .

I saw a thread by @Sophy (in lockdown) about her childhood trauma leaving her feeling like a freak. I suppose regardless of what I work on, I still feel that way, and a burden. Sometimes it's confirmed, sometimes not (yet), sometimes it's incidental. I guess anything that puts distance between, esp if I feel it's confirmed, seems a good idea, or even something I should be required to do. I say 'should be' because the onus seems to be mine.
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Some people like their freaky friends veery much :happy:, Tinie, and feel veery in a good company / honored by it, so you're soo just my kind of freak. :sneaky:

And burden, not even close.
Just sorry that self concept & experiences giving rise to it weight you down that heavy.
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