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Last movie or tv series you watched?

When I was in school there were only TWO physiological anthropologists in the entire country, and they both split time with Canada & mesoamerica (although physiological anthro was a required course for your BS in anthro or socio. Most people simply didn’t go onto masters & doc it. IE, a grand total of 2. One of whom was the chick (Kathy Reichs) who wrote Bones. Since then? (The show) There are now hundreds of physioAnthro docs.

PERSONALLY? I’m totally with her. (Archeology, though; not physioanthro, although there is a lot of crossover professionally speaking). OLD dead? Totally my jam. Flesh? Can f*ck right off. Beetle it, if it’s newish enough to still have some. The smell alone is intolerable. Bones tell, more than enough, 94% of the time.

#geeking out & totally biased (sorry/not sorry 😉) Give me your skull & I can tell where the connections to your muscles placed your damn eyebrows. Your flesh? A 5yo will have “wrinkles” (one solid line and one half line, across their foreheads) if they moved to the US from somewhere else, but you’ll be too bloated & decaying to tell… after a day dead. But your bones carry the memory of muscle placement…for Millenia.
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