Naming and understanding multiple emotions


A post from 2018. Damn, I have come a long way. I wish I could say in a short time!

I am worried I am going to pass out in course. lol. At least I am consistent!

So, not even close to passing out in class yesterday - nor do I expect it to be a problem today. Nice to see some entirely different emotions being the strongest in me these days.


Those are the emotions I am aiming for today. And the thing is, I think I used to feel that these emotions just 'were'. I have realized now after much teasing and practicing with identifying those emotions (and thus tapping into parts) that I am the creator of the emotions I carry. Unless of course, I am being actively victimized, which I am not at the present. I have removed all people - including family - who are just venting against me. f*ck off. I have better shit to do.

There, good healthy discernment - also part of the powerful part of the emotional wheel I am using. Walking straight back into my power again. Everyone get the hell out of my way. ;-)
Love this for you. I believe you will do great!