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One Thing That Made You Smile Today?

I have been beating myself for some time for not being there for a friend who was going through a rough time and it finally occurred to me that I didn't know about the situation and I have let myself off of the hook. That made me smile.
C’est Moi : Oh! The paper fairy has been here!!!

Enter paper plates, paper towels, napkins..

My Mom : Paper MAN!

My Dad : (ensuring TinkerBell impression, as my mom’s eyeballs roll so far back into her head, I’m fairly certain she can see her brain)

It’s even funnier when one knows my dad is a career no-nonsense military OFFICER (who always delighted in having tea parties, and freaking out his junior enlisted at wardroom & holiday parties, by romping with their young children. Honey! No! NOT. THE. SKIPPER. 😱 whilst my dad just snickered and was the “pony” or “pinkie out, how lovely!, tea party guest”, etc.) My dad? Is a crackup. Also, apparently? Scary as f*ck, to his subordinates. But a damn good man, with endless patience for kids. If not the people who worked for him.