One Thing That Made You Smile Today?

A grown man in safety gear on a grown man’s bike doing a wheelie across the intersection as I sat stopped at a light followed shortly by a small herd of his clones doing wheelies in unison and grinning.
Thinking of my baby sister...

When she would walk into a circle where herb was being passed around, she would always ask the person talking and holding the joint this question... "You gonna hit that?" ...even if it wasn't her herb.

So now, I can't hold my pipe for long without hearing her ask me, "You gonna hit that?"

This made me smile today. 😁
This is probably silly and simple, but I forgot yesterday, lots of things, a kind smile, a person who took pains to hold the door, but also 2 butterflies, I guess a Monarch, bl-and-wh or bl-and-yellow, and a white butterfly that danced around me and walked with me: down a path; across traffic; the opposite direction on the sidewalk. I'm kind of leery-but-not with butterflies (or most 'buggy' things) except white ones, but it was nice. Simple but funny. The other day one landed on me too. Was kind of cool hee. ☺️
I'm kind of leery-but-not with butterflies (or most 'buggy' things) except white ones, but it was nice. ☺️
One time, I went to a nature sanctuary and sat on a rock ledge (far back from the edge, I assure you), and I was sitting there with a friend looking out over the Ky River when all of a sudden, a bunch of yellow butterflies descended on us and flew around us. Some landed on us and some just flew around, but the magick of that day has never left me. Silly? I don't think so.... I think it was beautiful!!!
Finding an abandoned jujube shrub and eating ripe jujubes off of it. I had jujubes once before in an herbal tea at the Chinese tea shop, so it was neat to have them fresh. Felt like a kid when I would forage berries (which I didn’t know the name of but just found out in Australia they’re called lilly pillies) on my walks home from school.