One Thing That Made You Smile Today?

Tornadic Thoughts

Feeling connected to my mom as I continue to work on the big pile of greeting cards she gathered through the years to fill out and share with folks in nursing homes for grandparents day.

The smells, the vintage pictures, the local artisans, the sense of humor mom liked to share with others, the deep sincerity of some of the messages she chose, the number of wildlife and nature cards she picked, etc. She had great taste. :)

I know she'd be super glad to see so many of them finally get used for their intended purpose, to brighten someone else's day and to let them know they're being thought of.

It's also fun to hand write the messages in them in cursive writing because it reminds me of the hours I practiced trying to write just like her to be able to write my own notes for school to get out of class. 🤣

But then again, that also saddens me as I realize how few of the younger peeps would be able to read it since they quit teaching that a long time ago.
I told my elderly neighbour that she could have all the blackberries she wanted from my garden as she wanted to make some jam for her grandchildren, and that she could just help herself. She knocked on my door later with a fresh baked apple and blackberry pie as a thank you. The apples were from her tree and the pie was still steaming from the oven.




I laughed at a coworker who told me yesterday I looked like a Greek Goddess in street clothes, with my hair. Which if I had to give it stars it would be 1, simply for having any. Made me laugh because I'm not Greek, not goddess-like, and my hair is the Dennis Menace of hair, and I only spend about 1-3 minutes on. Because it is hopeless. Myabe Medusa? 🤣 Mind you, I was glad because joking aside, I was wondering if I should still give it away? I figure if it's no good they can throw it out. but found a new spot to give it (Jewish actually, which I am also not. 😅 ), and 2 in the drawer I forgot to send anywhere, and my usual place had prblms since covid.

Oh, I know this is dark humour- but just occurred to me, maybe Jewish kids wouldn't want gentile hair, lol. 😮😳

Tornadic Thoughts

I took those cards I mentioned above to one of the drop-off locations today and the girl working wasn't yet aware of the Grandparent's Day Nursing Home project.

As I was explaining it to her, she started crying, then I started talking about how I got the cards, and I started crying, and then she said she was going home tonight and her, her mom, her sis, and her nieces were going to get more cards ready to donate. ❤️ Yay!

Smiling at the uninhibited public expression of deeply felt emotions that brought about many tears between two strangers, and knowing there'll be more cards to go around.


Despite the "newfound" separation anxiety, I'm still able to be home alone.

What made me smile though, was my partner grabbing my face kissing it all over, making sure I got todays 'quota', before he left to hang out with the guys.
He's just absolutely adorable 😭

I'm so lucky to have someone love me like that after 3 years, despite them being my lowest years.