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Our cats


@Shaylee kitty was comforting me the other night after work 😌
Ug, I totally forgot to take a picture of my neighbor’s cat! She is very petite. She definitely las the coloring of a Tuxedo but she is a long-haired fluff ball! Beautiful gorgeous light green eyes. She is all about the love! Sigh 😌
Had a visit with Ms. Tiki today. She is damn cute ☺️

She loves her kitty backpack. Thought it would take longer for her to be ok in it and moving around, but she just lays in it. Little Queen getting a carriage ride. (Ignore the room, it is my neighbor’s teenage room 😂.)
She started kneading me today for the first time and bumping heads. 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳. Still no reactions.