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Our cats


Her Highness approves 🥰

Today is her first day here permanently. It has been just a tad crazy. The dogs finally are able to walk around without being totally focused and excited. They gave new meaning to the word hyper-focused. Of course tomorrow is a new day with new things to freak out about. She has eaten food and drank water from her little mini sink fountain you can see on the bottom right.


A cats favorite activity - looking out the window....... We have a ledge on the front window and a cat tree in the bedroom turned office for my wife, plus the blanket on the kitchen table.

Training is going very well. They pay total attention to the one finger thing now. If you don't know.....one finger held to their nose is a no in cat. At first they hate it but once they know you mean it...all you have to do is use tone of voice and start reaching toward their nose with your index finger and they know you mean it.....