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Our cats

It’s warm in here, it’s cold out there, are you… stupid?!? = the look every cat I’ve ever known has asked their Door-Slave… as the sliding glass door they’re looking out of is opened. “For them”.
Yeah - I know.....the girls need ALL the window coverings out of the way in the mornings.

Missy is an inspector. She needs to check everything out. From curtains open in the morning, to making sure everyone is where they belong, to whats for dinner (No eating human food) but she likes to have a sniff and check it out, to anything that comes in the door - especially groceries.

She is very polite about it and lets me know anything that needs further inspection. Whoever wrote "curiosity killed the cat.....satisfaction brought it back" was right on the money


Today was explore the mantel thoroughly day. Then sit and look gorgeous. 🥰