Parents Are Interesting - Sole Caregiver To Narcissistic Mother


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It's kind of bittersweet that my mom has not talked to me in 3 days, maybe 40 seconds, to tell me APS is investigating me. I am her sole caregiver ( she never learned to drive); I take her to her appointments, get her medicines, and help her pay her bills. She told me more than once that I do everything for her; I always deep down felt my mom was a narcissist. She would give or buy, but at a cost, you do what she says or agree with her, or it would be taken away or brought up all she has done and spent on you. She and I were never close. She is not close to any of my siblings either. She makes us feel unwanted like we were a mistake. I just had to rant to someone and figured this would be okay.
I get it. Mine isn't a narcissist, but she's wicked mean and manipulative. It finally got to the point that I would no longer help her with anything without having an adult witness with me or provide a ride through government assistance. She filed a report against me, but it was out of pure luck I wasn't alone with her and had witnesses to back me up. Basically, I have other responsibilities that I cannot neglect because an unreasonable human wasn't getting their way and had successfully got me arrested. I had to protect myself first to continue providing for my family and still be able to help the knucklehead. Is there any specific feedback you are looking for?

Have you considered starting a member's diary, those can be a great spot to vent.