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Narcissistic Mother, How to Respond

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Dont respond. that is a great way to get under her skin and then remove her from your life, get her out of your head, also if you see a therapist talk about EMDR.

Just becasue she is your birth mother doesnt mean jack. If shes a Narc it wont mean jack to her either, shes never going to change, she is never going to be any good to you. she will never be sorry.
she will never give you a second thought, She is Jealous of you,as soon as i read she blamed you for the molestation thats all i needed to type and i am typing with full force on my Keyboard. Mine was the same, and sweety she does NOT deserve anything from you. she is the monster who let it HAPPEN!!!! Dont fall for any of her tricks!! trust me she knows Plenty of Tricks.
Dont Respond.

It took a while before I understood the importance of complete removal, i had all those "but shes your mum" guillt trips. but once i did completely life has gotten a LOT better

She does NOT deserve any kind of break or mercy, her llife is hers to destroy, you be strong and care for your own self.

i really hope things go well for you, but please, dont let her in. you deserve so much more than what you were given. it was her job to keep you safe and protecteed. not to be blamed and abused just for being you,
Not open for further replies.