Physical pain


By age 40, she had been through 13 surgeries and became addicted to the pain meds the doctors gave her.
The drugs can be insidious, especially the way they were prescribed. As a cancer patient, I felt that opioids were being pushed on me and I refused. (use a few after surgery and the spine lesions, but at night so I could sleep a little.) However, since I am not planning on dying soon, I won't take them long term. Don't need to deal with PTSD, cancer and an addiction. Its hard to find what works but I keep trying, and each day is a bit better than the day before.

@Friday Do you have access to a hot tub? They are great for pain relief.


i try to remember the physical pain of being overwhelmed by anger and grief and dealing with a brain that had learned that pain brought opiates and relief. Horrible, un describable. And so much worse than anything else i gave endured and thats a lot.
Right now i have a knee that doesn't seem to want to wait the last 4 weeks of its career before retirement, surgical replacement in 28 days, hurts like hell but I know it doesnt compare to what i am capable of surviving. physical pain sucks, no doubt. But when despair and hopelessness set in, physical pain is outclassed.
I try to remember, maybe it helps, maybe it is like thinking memories of sub zero conditions will somehow make me warmer when i am just freezing cold


When the pain is so great, its not unusual to avoid activity that seems to aggravate it, but when activity is avoided for too long, its easy to become de-conditioned. Brings out depression and anxiety and anything else that is lurking in the mind. Now a trip to the grocery store wears me out.