Prayer Requests


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This is just a place to ask for prayers. You can mention the request specifically or just list it as an unspoken request if it is too personal. God listens, God loves us, God wants to help, He cares. Talk to Him... and others will help by praying too.

I was taught by my Bible Study teacher that God has three answers to prayer: Yes, No and Wait. That last one, I think, is the hardest to deal with.
Having dealt with fellow PTSD/Moral Injury sufferers, going back to superstition is not available to most of us. War tends to prove the myth that there is some sort of god, and if there were such an entity, it is certainly not trustworthy or worth worshipping. In fact, religious upbringing is a majory contributor to moral injuries. The guilt tripping shit is pervasive and hard to break. We practiced the forgiveness exercise...Forgive others..Allow others to forgive you...and Allow you to forgive yourself...the last being nearly impossible.


I'm sorry I put it in the wrong thread, I wrote this:
I am concerned about relative's vehicle pblm, going to take a minor if not major miracle to overcome or approve repair (let alone to replace), between facts, realities, and supply change issues. I would be very thankful for prayers, key time will be Friday on. It is very difficult to manage demands/ work/ groceries/ vet/ needing to commute out of town with no vehicle. Let alone very disheartening with other demands there already. 😫😪

I'd appreciate if anyone could say one.

Also for a person and their loved ones who has to choose or not medically assisted death by tomorrow.

Thank you very very much. 💙