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Prayer Requests

In March this year, my car blew up, dead. Bought a new used car in April and just found out that it too is dead. Both were due to overheating, head gasket blown. I have spent the last few months being unemployed, no consistent income. I lost all my savings due to car repairs, buying a car, and my psych evaluation. I have no money and now need to find a way to get yet another car.
Please pray for me. I'm in the most excruciating pain I've had to deal with yet. It makes me scream. I have a very high pain tolerance. I am not strong enough to cry this out. It's trying to come out. I'm waiting in the drs office for him. I was begging the nurse to give me something. God only let me see and feel it for a short time but it's the biggest emotion I've ever felt in my life or I'm so weakened. Or idk. I can't make sense of it. It's not so much my mind. More so my spine 😖

I do thank God for all the protection I've had. I've been ungrateful
I’m SO sorry you are in pain! Temporary pain control is one thing but I hope they can find out why it’s hurting and work on that?

I’ve had pain starting in my early 20’s…now most of my joints and discs are deteriorating along with fibromyalgia. (I think I can cover most of the alphabet with all my diagnoses)

I will pray that you can get some relief and a path to treat the cause….

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Please pray for every trauma survivor/warrior, especially in Kentucky where the statistics show it to be the worst state in the nation for child abuse. Whether they are still being mistreated or are in 'recovery' we shouldn't forget where we come from and that is for every trauma survivor. All survivors deserve divine intervention so I guess that is what I am asking you to pray for. Please send a little love out there too, just out of respect and concern.

Many bright blessings for all,