Prayer Requests

Welcome to the site! It’s hard to have faith in the midst of all the symptoms we have. You aren’t alone in sometimes wanting to “leave” God.

My dad was a minister and I didn’t attend church for 30+ years, went back for 7-8 years, and now I haven’t attended a service in a building since way before the shutdown.

I learned many years ago that I don’t have to attend a building to have a personal relationship with God. It actually triggers me to attend church services, so I have come to a point where I read my Bible (some) do devotions, affirmations and listen to music that speaks to my soul. I use ear pods so it blocks everything out, including the “noise/chatter” in my brain.

It’s very much a mindset that took me YEARS to get to. I got fed up with the guilt I felt because of the way my denomination dwelt on hell, sin, and pointed fingers more than they prayed.

I will be praying for you, that you will learn feel his presence wherever you are, whenever you want, and in whatever you are doing. He‘s walking with us every step of the way, and gives us the strength we need, one day at a time.

Churches can be very starchy and daunting to those of us who are NOT fond of being in places with lots of people.

Your church can be where you feel your spirituality…like out in nature which is my favorite place to talk to him…talk to myself…and whoever I’m thinking of who has already passed on.

Never give up or give in…and blessings will rain down on you, eventually..but his timing is rarely (never) even close to what we prefer. Waiting and trusting is HARD!

Blessings to you and yours!
Hi @Miyu38
I never thought of myself as a good person. Do I do things that help people sure but a good person would be a lie.
It is my understanding @Miyu38 that it doesn't matter how we are @Miyu38 , God loves everyone equally and we can neither earn, nor lose, that love. What may be more variable is to what degree of a relationship one maintains or tries to. but even then, it's left to us for if and when we are ready.

There is a great mystery to suffering, but the only thing we know (if we believe it) is that God suffered and suffers also.

I believe it is good to be genuine and angry, even enraged at God is an ok-thing.

Sometimes I pray for some understanding. Then I have to wait and listen to what I hear around me, what comes to me, what I overhear, think or even dream. (Usually I am thinking, now what?) Whatever way that reaches you, is what I would expect would be the way that will come to you.

Religion or belief aside, I heard a T say something that made a lot of sense to me: trauma (especially childhood trauma) usually results in a lot of all-or-nothing thinking through life. And all-or-nothing thinking leads to all-or-nothing actions. (That would often be me).

If this isn't helpful please ignore. Welcome to you and here's to more peaceful, hope-filled, happy days ahead.
Would you all please pray for me l have a migraine that never goes away have it for 7 and half years now, it's making my depression, aniexty, and CPTSD worse also hard to do anything or care for my son?
Have you been checked for the back of your brain sliding into your spinal column? There’s a relatively simple “sling” surgery that can lift it back up, if that’s the cause. I know 4 people now who’ve had their multi year migraines fixed this way, but it requires a badass neurologist to see what’s going on, to diagnose.