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Prayer Requests

So thankful if anyone said some, wow-poor pup went for spaying, was up all night as couldn't feel good about it, though wanted her to get it. And I know when you have lots of stuff happen it's impossible to not know anything can happen. They remove womb and ovaries of course. Got up at 6:30, first up for surgery and should have been done, but they didn't anticipate her anxiety left alone with strangers as a rescue (??, how, I do not know when she had a history of being dumped and neglect, and afraid in particular of men- but forcing anyone, animal or human with anxiety rarely works well); put her in a run where she just about knocked herself out trying to get out and racing around, I take it. (Said next time she comes will need anxiety med if it's a drop off lol. Of course, she would have been fine if any of her people were there. Reminds me of our old Vet with other shepherd who said she simply doesn't need anyone else's affection). Then, could not knock her out (not surprisingly). Went into surgery only to find a grossly enlarged womb- pregnancy, cancer or infection (she had no signs of infection, couldn't be pregnant). Dr very happy to be able to take whole thing out of course- turned out to be an infection I've never even heard of within the womb itself so bad he said he estimated she would have lived about 1 week, and it would have perforated or ruptured and she would have likely died of sepsis which would have been unable to stop. He said she was very ill and we would have known it by next week. Said conjenital, in that the narrowing instead of preventing infection allowed the infection to grow after her heat. Thought she had gained weight and we had reduced her food but he said infection can be 5-10 lbs, and I guess like a human why they say abdominal bloat. The cone they gave doesn't fit a shepherd's head or big ears, but b-i-l reformed it to stay on- 10 days+ of zero walks/ jumping/play etc is going to be nearly impossible as she is spring loaded but otherwise without the cone she has to be on a leash supervised and corrected at all times as she is fastidious. I call it the Leave-It Collar, as in leave her stitches alone. I give the cone 36 hours before she finds a way to squash it.

Strange side-effect is she is carrying her tail down now as was the only non-sheperd behaviour she's shown about 50% of the time. B-i-l said turned her in to a purebred lol. Like every shepherd even stoned would not settle down until everyone was home and still met me with kisses. Cone or no cone. 🥰 Have no idea how she's sleeping as usually sleeps like a human with her head on the pillow between her momma and papa. 😊 I believe that's what makes sheppies so smart because they mimic humans- like watching at 6-7 weeks and standing up and trying to turn the doorknob with both paws. Plus they are very sensitive. Though she cried a bit tonight and no pain meds til tomorrow because they had given her so much.

Very very thankful, and to any/ all. Am greatly relieved. And she's just a baby!
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