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Prayer Requests

Ill keep you in my prayers @AngelKeeperJ

please say a prayer for the youth lock in event this Saturday and the lives of these kids. I know some of them have been in trouble recently and I think they are ok but I want them to be great! Thanks ❤️❤️
Yes! I will be praying for you and the kids. It is a good time for them to learn to have healthy fun with friends. I pray that there will be a hedge of protection around each of you and all who are leading by love in action...💜
Prayers for you @Defaultxlove @Lionheart @RachelBigby @intothelight and @AngelKeeperJ . Hope you are feeling better. 🧡

For my sister if you would. Past fiance/friend died of aggressive cancer. Went on to live separate lives. He told her he was still driving to her house just to watch her from afar 25+ years later. Wasn't lying because saw her climb in to upstairs window when forgot her key! So maybe more than once. (Wasn't a stalker or weirdo, at all, out of context might sound weird.) News and reality hit her hard last night. Plus for her in general. And the pup.

Thank you very much. 💙💝