General PTSD and fear of coronavirus


My state opened restaurants and bars back up for patio seating, opened retail stores, salons and some other businesses. No schools or daycares yet. Social distancing and new guidelines in place.

Not going well at all. Places packed asses to elbows with the type that think this is all a hoax or just a cold. No masks, no distancing, and you can speculate about the hand washing and disinfecting. We are a red state and we have a lot of “muh freedumbs” people throwing fits and acting like middle schoolers. Seriously. This is why children can’t behave, look at how the adults act. It’s been 2 months and we collectively can’t even suck it up to work through this. It’s frustrating.

I’m not scared of the virus.... I’m just not an asshole who disregards my fellow man. I do wear a mask when I have to go out, and I’ll continue to chill at home or limit my entertainment to drives or walks away from people in general. I would hate to inadvertently spread this virus around while being an asymptomatic carrier.

Not scared, just realistic and cautious... and more than a little disappointed in how people are behaving. Imma gonna sit back and see what happens with our numbers for a few weeks.


I am on week 7 of my two week contract that was supposed to end mid April. Going to be here until the 17th of June, likely. The province I work in is less densely populated than the one I live in. We have managed to keep covid away from the First Nations Reserves where I work through distancing and travel restrictions. Quarantine (paid) for two weeks prior to arrival on reserve for us nurses, and our transport is now chartered for all nurses from across the country. Locals who have to go to the city for medical isolate there in a designated hotel for a week prior to returning home, then here for two more. If they cannot isolate at home, they are taken to one of our schools that has been set up for this purpose, with supervision. We have teams in our sardine tin airport so that no one passes go. The population here is so vulnerable and we do not have the facilities to care for severely sick covid patients, so prevention for now is paramount. Honestly I feel safer here than I would back home where the yahoos are not taking ordinary precautions as things are reopening.

All that was to say we need to have a healthy respect for the virus.