Fears about Coronavirus


I don't have advice but you are not alone. In fact I just now joined this forum as I was searching to connect with others that are struggling. My PTSD stems from , among other things, having lived on the streets. My fears of financial collapse leading to possible homelessness is wearing on me even though I think we are in a better position to weather the storm than a lot of people. I also have nightmares of violence erupting over the social-economic impacts of this virus on our country that is already so divided...I worry about this when I am awake but I feel like I am the only one who seems to see the danger. On the other hand I am not sure if my anxieties are rational or not...
Welcome to the forum BHardin! Your anxiety is on track. We've been at this virus for a month now. Trump isn't going to shut the country down forever.. He's getting eager to open it! Just my opinion but I say another 2-3 weeks.