Reporting suspected crime/danger

I’m shut down I think this is the best place to post

Absolutely. We are here for you.

This man hurt someone else in that group

The kid (21 yrs old) got hit w/ a gun had a concussion was throwing up for weeks after

I am incredibly sorry that this happened to you and your group member/s. This was a terrible assault and it is extremely fortunate that the kid survived the attack. Being hit with a gun is no joke.

The bad guy lied in court

Bad guys frequently do this, regrettably. I hope you and your group members have been able to find some peace within this storm.
Bad guys frequently do this, regrettably.
yep. And whats scary is when they don't even know they are lying - they actually think things happened the way they say it did.

I'm so sorry this keeps happening - it's so hard to watch other people get hurt when you can so clearly see what the problem is but can't convince them.
I am hypervig right now but wasn't when I got this general suspicion.

I tried to question my friends that are forced to be involved with this man, but they both cried which alarmed me.

I want to report this man as a person of interest. Is that a thing? I can't pinpoint why I have these suspicions without outing my friends and I don't want to lose their friendship.

I definitely believe people are being harmed and forced to do things they don't want to do, by a man of control that is exploiting them with his power.

I don't want to sound like an idiot or get my friends in danger or myself if it comes back to me.

I have expressed a HUGE dislike for this man based on things I've experienced about him myself (not leaving me alone!!! I've considered serving him with a legal notice if he doesn't leave me alone he will be held to the law)

Oh and when I expressed the dislike my friends looked scared and as if someone glued their mouth shut?

If I gave him a notice I would have to sign it. What I mean is its not anonymous

I'm thinking there's gotta be a way to report general suspicion.

I'm really overwhelmed honestly some scared.

What do you think?
You should report. You must trust your instinct , I always report sometimes they locking me in a psychiatric hospital but Im not stopping!!!