smoking weed and dissociative disorders


With legalization a LOT of the marijuana products out there have become the equivalent of taking 8% of everclear and adding it to grape juice, to sell for $5k, right next to the bottles of Petrus & $3Chuck.
That and there is some barely legal kid getting paid minimum wage behind the counter selling the stuff.

I always sample product in small amounts. Even if its the same product from the same grower it can vary enough to easily overwhelm you. Uncomfortable experiences last too long as @enough said. It's not just the THC number either. I had a supplier that grew primo stuff, all hybrid. Hit like a Mack Truck too. They had a product that was 12% that I figured couldn't be that bad. WRONG. It was very potent. Without sampling I may have easily had an uncomfortable experience.

The other part? Oils, Edibles, flower and concentrate all behave differently based on how you take them. Even oils - whether absorbed or ingested - totally different. Ingestion means it goes through your liver which converts THC to a more potent version of itself.

Just BTW, if it ever happens again, CBD or black pepper. Chewing or smelling black pepper can reduce the feeling. CBD (only CBD) does the same.


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I don’t usually smoke but I eat an edible a few times a week. Sometimes it helps me think. If i can get past the worst parts of myself it’s quite therapeutic. Of course it can easily spiral, too…


I have started developing resistance to THC already, and more importantly, I am learning how to drive this bus. A few full spectrum gummies in now, and I am hoping it remains as low level and passive a high as I am experiencing with the current hypothecary. The gut is better, the knees feel better, my tragedy envisioner is a little less front and center and I can be at peace with most of the demons that were awakened after my long separation from the effects of this drug. I would hope that it reduces my predilection to problem solve everything and gives me an induced break from that nonsense. I would still say I am better served by becoming engrossed in the playing of music or being ten levels deep into a complicated spatial relationship and mechanics problem like only a mechanical designer can be, or even just blissfully asleep on a benzo. Given the relief from some aches and pains I can handle being off my game for a few hours. THC ranks, but wont be first pick for the foreseeable future (today and tomorrow and maybe a little of next week).
If listening to my inner demons is a form of dissociation, then my dissociation is better for having given THC a chance before bailing. Benzos and sleep are still the best, but not the only pharmo that I know of with effects as well as side effects I can tolerate anymore. THC is a viable option.


Depends on the type. I have several kinds I use for different things... one to avoid panic attacks (high CBD, low THC), one to sleep (high THC), and one for panicky dissociation (mid line or hybrid). I make my own oils and edibles and find them much more reliable or predictable than the stuff available legally here in stores. But in a panic attack or deep dissociation, the vape pens are saving my life. I've spent days here and there without using them, helps me reassess if they are increasing my anxiety or dissociation.

What's great about THC/CBD is if it makes any of your symptoms worse or uncomfortable, you can stop using that strain and try something else. Never mind the general positive effects of cannibinoids.

Happy to answer any technical questions or give *advice* on CBD/THC ratios or strains. #notadoctor Also happy to take dms. If this kind of thing is allowed?


Still, starting out? Always always alwys go low and slow. It avoids problems like paranoia getting out of hand.

Since this falls under federal government oversight in Canada I guess our products are far better regulated and tested. I always forget that US cannabis is in a no man's land of being state legal but still a class one narcotic federaly.