This is the kind of day…


Meh I showed up today.
I coasted and it took more than I had
I blinked at work and zoned out for three hours
Came home and did the dishes
And ended up shaking because it took too much energy.


I lost a sock.
Expensive heated sock no less.
I walked in the house, went to bedroom to take off grimy stable clothes. Walked into laundry room to start washer..
Sock #1 - check
Sock #2? Nope. WTF???

Figured it was one of those things I just wasn't "seeing" so called hubby in to look.
Nope. He couldn't find it either

I was in TWO!!!! rooms between sock on foot and sock gone.
I don't know if I want to laugh or cry.
Probably both. 🤨