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Too much for my Therapist

Most ins companies pay -roughly- $75 for 50 min & between 100 & 1,000 for 120 minute... BOTH EQUAL $20 copay.

If your T charges 700 for 15, instead of 75 for 50? That might vary.

AKA? Ask.

I paid out of pocket, which meant it was only an extra 15. At MOST. As cash clients are on a different scale. (But I billed insurance. The 2 norms for therapy are 50 & 120 minutes. Same copay. BUT if you've met your minimums? Most insurance companies will "repay" in the tens of thousands. Which. Means it's honestly better to bill yourself rather than accept the courtesy. I.E. if MTV t billed my insurance, it would be $20 each session. BUT if I submitted for reimbursement? Free PLUS.

$50 for an hour $75 for 2 hours. $100 for 4 hours.

But ON Insurance? The copay is the same for 50 AND 120 minutes. $20.
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If we’re talking the US the restrictions shouldn’t be more than doctors visits so I’d say it depends on you’re provider and their willingness to stand behind their coding.

I’ve been with 3 insurance companies in 3 years and they’ve all covered two sessions a week.
Most ins companies pay -roughly- $75 for 50 min & between 100 & 1,000 for 120 minute.
If the therapist charges $150 - $200 a session, it seems like $75 + $20 copay would leave a big portion of the bill unpaid. Sorry, not trying to drive you nuts with math, just trying to better understand how this works.