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Vegan Safe Space

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Vegetarians don't eat meat.

Vegans don't eat meat, or food products that contain products from animals (like dairy products).

More broadly, vegans try and avoid products (beyond food products) that have been produced in a way that involves cruelty to animals, or exploitation of animals.

You'll find that unlike vegetarianism, which has a nice clear line of what they will and won't eat, there's some variation from one vegan to the next, on how far they take their ethical objections (for example, whether they limit it to food, whether they object to things like honey, whether they include cosmetics, which is very common, and clothing, which is less common, etc.)

As an ethical concept, veganism doesn't have firm boundaries. Individuals choose for themselves how far to apply the ethical issues in their own consumption choices.

So, with some vegans, you'll often find crossovers into other ethical areas: for example if a certain product is known to be produced by land-clearing rainforest areas like the Amazon, if a certain company routinely tests products on animals vegans may avoid all that company's products, and companies that are known to produce their products in ways that exploit humans (particularly child workers), some vegans will avoid their products as well.
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Made a nice bowl of raspberry-nice cream with fresh fruits, nuts and a little chocolate for toppings. Felt like kind self-care. Need this today.
Made a vegan chili con carne (chili sin carne?) two days ago (based on a recipe from itdoesnttastelikechicken.com). I liked it. Still do :) Stumbled on a flax seed wrap recipe while browsing youtube last night. Decided to try it out today and have them with the rest of the chili con carne (what doesn't go into the freezer) and that last bit of cabbage that's sitting in the fridge and whatever else I can come up with. Looking forward to that :)
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