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What’s your favorite?

Slake's Limbo
Read it as a teen. Bout a boy who is hounded everywhere he goes so one day he runs from his life. And hides out in the New York subway.
At the time I read it I was hounded everywhere I went too, and it was so powerful to read about someone like me getting away from all of that.

Favourite time of day?
The one I currently use because it smells good and feels nice. No idea what it’s called because I’m at work but I think it’s vegan because I got it at a clothing exchange where there were a lot of vegans.

Favorite video game?
enjoying a local bakeries blueberry bread while they still have it. I predict they will stop because….,,how do you know it has gone bad when it has blue dots on it when you buy it?
favorite thing thats better after the equinox?